Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso Zambales


Welcome to Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso Zambales. : )

Actually,  this resort was so awesome especially for those who want their summer more exciting 🙂


I woke up early in the morning just to see the beautiful sun rise here. And yes,  the warm heat of the sun made me

realized how beauty life is to wake up in the morning 🙂


Sun Rise. Hindi lang gaano halata. Look at those Tree. Pine Tree yan galing pang Baguio 🙂



These are some pictures that I took in the morning.

Of course, FYI, I am Human Resources Officer of our company. We are here not only to enjoy the place

but this place witnessed our  company team building for this year. I actually googled this place

and it was really beautiful if you see it in person not only in blogs.


I wanna stay here  for so long but it’s really hot in here 😀


One of the cottages 🙂


Oh! Who’s that girl? She’s beautiful right? That girl is me. The Blogger. The Adventurer

The most pathetic girl in the world. HAHA! But seriously, that’s ME 🙂


The Campsite.


This view was amazing especially at night. There were tents and bonfire here.


Waiting for The One. HAHAHA! I love this chair and table made by wood. It’s a driftwood.


After we took a rest, we formally begun our Team Building. Solong  solo namin ang place.

Kaya if sumigaw kami o magkatawanan ng malakas, keri lang 🙂

This place is best for this activity. 🙂


IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1476 IMG_1494 IMG_1519 IMG_1523

These were the highlights of our Team Building. It was really cool and enjoyable.

Lahat pwede mong gawin sa lugar na ito. Lahat ng nasa isip mo as HR kung paano

magiging maayos ang Team Building ay naisakatuparan sa araw na ito.

Thank you, Lord 🙂



We waited for the Sun Set. That was awesome.

Ang games namin ay tumagal for 3 hours. And Congratulations sa mga nanalo.

Grabe lang ang saya. Wala man ganung tao sa lugar because it’s Friday.

Syempre, inenjoy ko din ang pagpipicture ng Sun Set.

Pahuhuli ba naman ako? 😀



Oh! That was really unforgettable experience to feel on your skin the soft sand of Zambales.

Actually, overnight lang pala kami dito. So itong picture na ito 2nd day na namin.

Ayaw pa nga namin umalis kasi parang nakakabitin talaga. 😦

Try it if you go in this place. No regrets. Enjoy every single minute in this place.


Front of our Cottage. We are the Facilitators.

We did it. Hindi kami nagsisi na pinili namin ang Crystal Beach Resort.

Facilities, People and Accomodations were very good.  : )



Lastly, before we ended the day. GROUPIE. 🙂

We are from Sose’s Marketing Enterprises Incorporated. We really enjoyed this place wholeheartedly.

See you again next time for the next wonderful team building.

Two Thumbs Up! 🙂


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