Matabungkay Beach

Oh yes 🙂


People go to Batangas for its beach resorts. But when people go to Batangas, the top choice is now San Juan, Laiya to be exact. So why would people still go to Matabungkay? For that matter, do people still go there?

Yes, they do. I went to Matabungkay yesterday. My mom who is visiting from Australia almost always goes to Matabungkay at least once, and sometimes thrice, when she spends her 6 months a year in the country. And the top draw of this place to her is the experience of spending the day on a raft, enjoying ihaw-ihaw lunch prepared right there while she watches the kids play on the shallow beach water around the raft.

And I realized that other visitors to Matabungkay do the same – – – lunch on the raft. There are probably a hundred rafts anchored on the shore, ready for the day’s guests…

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